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Well, I promised a Saturday update, and though technically it's Monday, I imagine most of you would let this one slip...I was out late partying in celebration of Christmas *grins* Yes, yes, only the second day of vacation and already two Christmas parties. I'm beat...gonna have to go back to school to rest ._.
As for what is new in development thus far, I've got some (very) rough sketches of plot I'm working on...there are about three of them, and each one varies wildly from the other in terms of general tone...I haven't had an oppertunity to catch Lauren online yet, but I'm going to email her the ideas for her general approval....tomorrow. Basically, the choice we have to make is, do we want this to be light-hearted and sort of Sailor Moon, or very dark and moody, with a Lord of the Rings kind of feel?
Not to say, of course, that I'm dumping the plot into two overused sources of genre...Truthfully, my sources consist of the lesser known movies and books...
For one, the film that has had the biggest impact on my writing (and many other things) since I first saw it is Donnie Darko, a wonderful and brilliant film that not enough people know about. After that, I'd say that the book On Writing by Stephen King is the mother of all sources of inspiration for the distraught writer. Following that, Requiem for a Dream is quite a harrowing experience, but thought-provoking, and the music is the greatest stuff to listen to when writing up a storm. I <3 the Kronos Quartet! Next is Waking Life, a film that proves that just because you're selfish in creating something in any art medium, you won't come out as pretentious or boring...yes, it's true if you're making something for nobody else but yourself, others will still enjoy it a great deal. After that is Memento, which is storytelling at its greatest...well, kind of. The whole film is backwards, with each scene ending where the last one began o_O Also, Spirited Away, which proves that a wholesome story that's great for any age can still be gripping and fun and a prime example of every genre squashed into one.
Lastly, what I consider to be the number one source of inspiration of all time for any artist from any medium, is Broken Saints, which may or may not need an introduction, but I'll spare you one and let you experience it without knowing anything about it at first, because that's how one will get the most out of it.
In further news on the development of ReVolution, I've been toying around on Dynamic Drive (the lazy person's html teacher ._.) and Angelfire, and a website is currently in the works. For those interested, and, Lauren willing (we'll discuss later, I suppose), here is a prototype webpage with one of the first incarnations of this series (don't worry, this is not at all what it'll be like...this was looooooong ago, I assure you.)
Hopefully we won't be too tired and cranky from the tryptophan to work on this after the Christmas part of break...plot is coming along slowly but surely, and I guess Lauren will update you all on the character development tomorrow after I get in touch with her.
Enjoy your vacation, all of you who have this week off...all of you hard workers deserve it (and those who don't have the days off deserve it even more...such a shame :( )
Love and peace (extra otaku point for those that caught the Trigun reference ^_~),
Ooh, ooh, one more inspiration source...The Boondock Saints is awesome because it shows how cool something can be with a shoestring budget and a lot of creativity!
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